About Us


What's this all about?

DJ Experiment was created as a safe space for DJs to experiment with new music, for dancers to express dance in new ways, and for musicians to push their boundaries.  We started to experiment in March of 2010.

DJ Experiment continues to push the boundaries of "danceable" music and the range of styles employed.  In addition, DJX has become a starting place for music lovers hoping to become DJs with encouragement from our growing community and advice from our established local DJs.

Our regular event is a monthly social dance, DJed by staff members and new DJs in training.  Check out the specifics for upcoming months.  We welcome you to join us for many warm, laid-back, joyful nights of connection through dancing!

Where is it happening?

While we are based in the city of "dancerly" love - Philadelphia, PA - and run our regular events there, we also have staff members in York (PA), Baltimore, and Washington DC, and enjoy making regular appearances in the Lancaster and New York City scenes.  Chances are high that you've danced with at least one of us!

Join us!

Social Media

Like our Facebook page for official announcements and events.

Join our Facebook group to participate in our community forum.

General Contact

Email us at info@djexperiment.org to get in touch.

Contact for Events

If you'd like to DJ, let our music coordinators know via music@djexperiment.org!

If you need registration help then reach us at registration@djexperiment.org.

Want to volunteer?  Reach our staff at volunteers@djexperiment.org.